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Why is it necessary to hire a designer

Why is it necessary to hire a designer

Remodeling a kitchen involves many factors, including choosing a design, materials, appliances and accessories, as well as working with electrical and plumbing installations, among others. A skilled person can help greatly in putting together the puzzle of designing the kitchen of your dreams.

When designing and remodeling the kitchen, as well as any space inside or outside the home, the presence of a professional consultant (contact a designer by clicking here), is of great advantage because they can help you with the budget, as well as the design and functionality of the intended remodeling.

Start the search for the designer you need.

The best place to start the search is through Google (surely through it you got here), there you will see a list of options and alternatives, some more striking than others, but the important thing besides the prices, is to see the experience and the work they will cover, because we do not want to have to be looking for someone else, but even better than searching, is to make direct contact by clicking here and start designing your kitchen.

Pay special attention to fake credentials and learn what the initials mean, says Gary White, a member of CMKBD and NKBA in Newport Beach, Calif. “It’s fairly easy to acquire initials by purchasing a membership in some organization.”

NKBA certifications, based on at least 7 years’ experience, continuing education, references from satisfied clients, extensive testing in kitchen design. NKBA-certified designers are knowledgeable in all aspects of kitchens, from mechanical systems to space planning and color.

Face to Face Contact

The face-to-face contact with the designer is crucial, where you can refine the details of what you want. If the meeting takes place in the designer’s studio, you should bring with you a current plan of your kitchen, as well as a portfolio with photos of designs of your liking in order to project what you want in terms of preference, styles, trends, in short, what is necessary to create a unique space according to your personality.

It is appropriate to close the deal with the designer, you can see photos of real work, ask to see a project similar to yours, including plans, delivery time, cost, payment schedules, deadlines, and others. If a designer is not able to show you what you are requesting, look elsewhere.

Is the negotiation closed?

After meeting and fine-tuning details to remodel the kitchen, it is the designer’s job to decide whether or not to carry out the work, putting his ethics and professionalism to the test by being honest with the prospect as to his ability to assume or not the expense involved in this type of project without taking advantage of his enthusiasm to make his dream come true.

The designer-client relationship is based on honesty, trust, communication, respect and a sense of teamwork. It is very important to feel comfortable with the presence of the person who will change your lifestyle for a period of time. If everyone is honest and feels comfortable, problems are minimized.

Seal everything with a contract

In order to have a healthy relationship with the designer you hire, it is necessary to indicate in writing the terms and conditions of the working relationship. Seriousness is one of our premises. In Kitchen design & Remodeling we provide complete services from start to finish with which we guarantee total satisfaction of our clients.

The reputation of the designer also has a lot at stake in your project: Bad references tend to spread faster than favorable references, so it is crucial for the designer to make your experience a pleasant one and thus guarantee that at least from your side you will get points in your favor. Having a detailed contract from the beginning can minimize disagreements. Contracts often include an arbitration mechanism in client disputes. Designers can also carry liability insurance or, like White, include a “due diligence” clause that essentially states that, although the designer is there as a coach, you are responsible for the decisions he or she makes.

It’s rare, but sometimes a designer can if you will dispense with a client if the working relationship is unhealthy. “Everything should be in writing and signed, even the spaces that installers can use.

Door frames can be painted one color and the interiors of a cabinet another or as you wish.

In Kitchen design & Remodeling we want the best for our customers, so we guarantee a pleasant treatment, with ethics and following the relevant biosecurity measures. Here we show you our catalog of designs.

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