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What size is kitchen drain pipe

What size is kitchen drain pipe

What is the smallest size of a drain line for your kitchen sink?

 A kitchen sinks have a standard drain size, what they refer to is that all sinks that are manufactured are joined to the same basic measurements which are related to the drainage. For a better function the characteristics should be standardized since the sink is a household appliance.

 Kitchen sink drain sizes

 Most of the sinks nowadays have the same drain gauge, which is 3 2/1 inches while the bathroom size is 1 ¼ making it clear that the kitchen one is of a larger size. On the other hand, it is the same size as a standard shower.

When placing a new drain in the kitchen room, at the time of a purchase it will not be necessary to purchase a drain of particular diameters. All drains that are created will be set to the standard size, the sizes of a drain are not different, these are measured to fill most needs. The drain grate is calibrated for functional reasons.

Kitchen drain line sizes

The drain grate that runs into your kitchen sink is sized to fit and accommodate the water flow from your sink, but it is not standardized. You must drain the water given by the faucet and control all the waste that goes down the drain.

One thing to keep in mind is that the drain grate is usually 1 ½ inches long. The measurement of the drain grate is suitable for kitchen use. The kitchen sink drain is usually 1 ¼ being smaller.  Several kitchen sinks that tend to experience very light use have the ability to use this size drain, but it is not highly recommended to do so.

 If you use a drain line with a very small drain size for any kitchen sink, it will be very common for your drain to clog very often and that is a serious bad thing.

Drain Pipe Sizing

 Drainage pipes the smallest size is 1 ½ inches, however sometimes they are installed with a larger size which would be 2 inches. The size is the caliber of the pipe. The proportion of drain piping for sinks and fixtures is guided by plumbing codes.

Connection to the sink

Is connected to the sink basket using an auxiliary nut. When it is a double wash, an elbow at the bottom of the tailpiece, often at the bottom of the left wash, is used to connect the sink to the drain pipe of the other sink by means of a fitting.

The fitting that is used has a P-trap, which joins the pipe that goes through the wall, it also has an S-trap that makes it possible to join the pipe that is vertically piercing the floor.

Pipe Formation

Piping can be created with a variety of different materials. Newly designed kitchens are usually created with a different model of white piping. In older houses the pipes are made of a copper that began to deteriorate over time.

In the past, pipes were also made of galvanized steel and iron. Most of them prefer the PCV because it is easier to install it, it is also much easier to disassemble it to clean the agglomerations and to change it.


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