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What is the best color for your kitchen when remodeling?

What is the best color for your kitchen when remodeling?

Check out the best color choices you can make before you renovate your kitchen.

What color can I paint my kitchen, so it doesn’t look so sad? This is a very common question, and if you are reading this is because you probably asked yourself this question, and now you are looking for ideas that can help you get the inspiration you need to give life to your kitchen. And if your kitchen, like many others, is covered with tiles (these are not usually painted, or rather not painted) or you have plaster finishes, and you decided it’s time to give a change to this space, then you are in the right place. Since we not only bring you useful ideas, we also leave at your disposal galleries and contractors that will help you renovate your kitchen. Now, whatever the reason you have decided to do a kitchen renovation, we will help you as much as you allow us to do it, we can even renovate the kitchen for you or get you good prices (if you are interested in what we have just said click here to know more).

Proposals and designs to renovate your kitchen

To give a real change to your kitchen, the first thing you should do is forget about traditional designs (not everything in this life is black and white) in fact, you can get much more personality in the renovation of your kitchen using and combining primary colors. But, keeping in mind that there are colors that look better in one place than in another, in addition to each color has a property, that is, each color is conducive to something different, for example yellow is a stimulating and energetic color, blue is more serene, cold and balanced, and red has to be more intense. And although it may seem crazy to apply these colors, the reality is that using them in a subtle way and in small doses allows you to acquire very complete designs, without having to saturate the entire space with a single color.

What color to paint a small kitchen?

Painting a kitchen does not make it more spacious, this is obvious, but by renovating a small kitchen and using certain types of colors when painting it, you can make the space more comfortable, and this can be achieved with colors such as ivory, light blues, whites and pastels. These have to be the only spaces where it is counterproductive to use colors other than these mentioned, because the space can feel overloaded with details if you do not pay special attention, and this can be the difference in wanting to even eat in these spaces or prefer any other place in the house. The idea of renovating small kitchens and painting them with serene colors, is to avoid being overwhelmed by the size of these places, and if you want to see how to take advantage of these spaces efficiently here we leave you our project gallery (Surely some of them can help you).

What color can I paint a large kitchen?

Just as everything has its opposite, there are also large kitchens, they are usually more permissive when it comes to allowing us to choose a color, because having a larger space, you can use bright colors and warmer colors within the color wheel, giving room for colors like red, yellow or orange in kitchen renovation projects. Although, not because the kitchen is bigger we should think that all colors are suitable, these should be used in moderation, since the abuse of colors will give us unattractive designs in the kitchen renovation. For example, there is the black color, this color is excellent to contrast and enhance certain details, but this is only recommended in the renovation of kitchens in minimal quantities (never cover a wall with this color). There is also what would be the blue color, which is very nice and serene, but as professionals in kitchen renovation projects, it is not recommended applying more than one wall or some furniture, because if applied throughout the kitchen, it will not look as warm as it should.

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