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What is a reasonable price to remodel a kitchen?

What is a reasonable price to remodel a kitchen?

A beautiful and stunning kitchen is the dream of many homeowners (even if they are not living there), and when we have these places in good condition is very easy to cook and receive guests; not to mention that by improving the kitchen we attract buyers and increase the value of the property.

The only problem is that when we look for budgets, we come across very low or very high values, so we do not know if we have enough money or if we have more than we need; however, there are things that are quantifiable and that can give us an approximate of what we need.

Although we will go a little bit into the subject, but not before noting that these prices are subject to change depending on the area and multiple factors and the way you can get the true and most reliable value is by contacting Kitchen Design & Remodeling (click here to contact).

First of all, it is important to know that the model of the kitchen makes the price change drastically, since the quality, finish, size and materials are different for a house than for a professional kitchen, besides each project has its own characteristics.

Average cost of a kitchen remodeling Project

Depending on the range of the remodeling (low-end or high-end) and the dimensions of the project, then the cost can differ and go from 75$ per square foot to 250$ per square foot. And if we take into account these estimates, then we have that for a standard size kitchen remodel can range from 11000 to over 45 thousand.

How do we know these are the costs? Well, in Kitchen Design & Remodeling we have years in the market accumulating experience and forming the necessary links to acquire the necessary materials at the best price, we also have the necessary manpower to cover all areas of the project.

However, to delve a little deeper into the subject, it is prudent to know how remodeling costs can change depending on the materials.

Kitchen Remodeling Cost by Features

One of the most common and important comparisons comes from comparing the cost of materials, for example: What is the price difference between a granite countertop and a stainless steel countertop? Will wood cabinets make much of a difference in my budget?

Knowing these kinds of things ahead of time can drastically change your thinking and allow you to manage every dollar more effectively and get something you’re happy to spend.

But how marked is the price difference in this case? Well, for kitchen remodeling we have generic storage cabinets that can cost around $2500 while custom cabinets can cost around $10,000.

For the fabrication materials on the other hand, we have that granite countertops can range from $150 to $1800 or stainless steel countertops that are worth about $1200-3700. Although as explained these costs differ depending on the dimensions of the kitchen and does not include labor.

And on the other hand, we have the appliances, which will change in price depending on the technology with which each of them count, these cases being the most prominent since a refrigerator can vary from $400 to cost more than $10,000 and just as you must spend on a refrigerator, there are other accessories such as the dishwasher, stove, oven and many others.

Do you want to know the cost of a remodeling accurately? Contact the professionals of Kitchen Design & Remodeling right now and you will get an accurate and reasonable quote for your kitchen remodeling, don’t wait any longer and start materializing your projects.

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