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Virtual Kitchens

Virtual Kitchens

Virtual Kitchens – Starting a Restaurant

Business models continue to revolutionize every day, and restaurant spaces are sometimes not large enough to meet the current demand, so the very concept of restaurant and kitchen has revolutionized and changed drastically, which is the reason why virtual kitchens appeared.

These new kitchens have proven to be profitable and sustainable businesses over time, although it requires adequate physical spaces, so some people choose to rent commercial kitchens, which is a practical but temporary solution, being the best alternative to remodel the kitchen, as it increases the value of the property and gives a plus.

Definitive guide to virtual kitchens

Everything you should and need to know about virtual kitchens can be found here, so read on and learn about the benefits of having a virtual kitchen or a commercial kitchen (and if you don’t have one yet, we will provide you with the professionals that will help you design and build your ideal space, click here).


1. Virtual kitchen planning

The first concept that we must take into account when designing our virtual kitchen is planning, since the idea is that the food can be prepared as quickly as possible and be delivered in the same way, in this type of kitchen everything revolves around time and temperature. The ideal is that the entire order is delivered on time, the food is fresh and the temperature is ideal.

In kitchen planning, you plan the market niche, the means of delivery and optimize the preparation, so define your group and start working around it.

2. Optimize the menu and the kitchen

The dishes that are prepared and delivered must be uniform and correspond to what is expected, hot food must be hot, and cold food must stay cold; crunchy food can get soggy or frozen food can melt. Therefore, you must be able to prepare several ingredients and dishes at the same time, thus maintaining the condition of the dish.


3. Certified Commercial Kitchen

Although the virtual kitchens do not have a public service space, they must meet certain legislative requirements, which stipulate the standards that kitchens must have. These standards require certain types of wiring for the electrical installation of the kitchen, flow of drinking water and drains for the water used.

These standards must also consider the flow of personnel, the ease of cleaning the elements and the capacity of people that can be in a place, so necessarily many spaces must be adapted to meet these requirements and function according to what the law specifies and what the diner expects.

Kitchen Planner: Kitchen Designs

Whether it’s a complete kitchen remodel or a simple update, kitchen planning is the primary step in the beginning of any project. It allows the individual and the contractor to visualize the possibilities and styles best suited for each space.

And no matter if they are small spaces or large spaces, the amount of possibilities is incredible only it is not something that can be recognized at a glance, which is why we recommend professional advice, especially from Kitchen Design & Remodeling, as they are all-inclusive projects, so you do not have to worry about loose ends.

On the other hand is the coupling of elements according to the dimensions of the kitchen, because once you have made the choice of the design you want, then follows the time to try the different cabinets, floors, paint, tops, bar, backsplashes and so on.

This because each of the chosen items will provide you with a different feature and all have a different care and application.


Get Kitchen Ideas at Kitchen Design & Remodeling

If you need help with design, you can schedule a design consultation with a specialist at Kitchen Design & Remodeling. We assure you that you’ll have an easier time making decisions knowing an expert’s opinion. Contact them by clicking here.

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