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Time to renovate the kitchen of the business

Time to renovate the kitchen of the business

Time to renovate the kitchen of the business

The year continues to advance and we are already in the middle, so we must stop for a moment and think what we have learned so far and what are the fruits we have achieved so far, because if your goal at the beginning of the year was to renovate the kitchen of our home or business, it is time to evaluate why you have not done it yet?

From our experience as professionals in kitchen renovation we have compiled the new way of working for restaurants and businesses, and more than that we will tell you which businesses are booming so you can keep it in mind in your business.

But, first of all let’s know a little about commercial kitchens: When we talk about a commercial kitchen, we are talking about those establishments built specifically to prepare and serve a large amount of food easily and safely.

In most cases these kitchens are built for restaurants and to cater to the public, although things have changed and there seems to be no return.

5 kitchen trends in 2022

1. Birth of delivery kitchens and restaurants

The changes that have taken place since 2020 have left an irreversible trend that is now booming, and that is delivery restaurants, although their better known name is “take-away restaurant”. These restaurants now specialize in preparing food, only that it is not consumed on the premises.

In many cases the expansion of the kitchen was required, because the public that can reach these kitchens is larger, so the workload increases and large kitchens are required, so if you have in mind to implement this method of business, contract with Kitchen Design & Remodeling and we will help you in the kitchen renovation and enlargement.


2. Fast food and frozen food kitchens

The food industry has revolutionized everyone’s way of life, especially with the birth of frozen products, which are ultra-processed foods that must be stored in large refrigerators and allow food preparation to be done quickly.


3. Vegan Kitchens

The trend to consume vegetables has also grown incredibly not only because of vegans, but also because now people are more conscious and look for a healthy diet. Therefore, it is time to renovate the kitchen of the business and open space on the shelves to preserve more fruits and vegetables.

Another advantage of this type of commercial kitchen is that it is not limited to vegan restaurants; kitchens where meat products are served also require space to store all the materials and supplies.

4. Smart kitchens

Smart technology is now in all areas of our lives, now we can connect each of the appliances to a single system and control much of them remotely. This type of kitchen is the most expensive of all although it is extremely satisfying.

And if for some reason you want to attach all elements in the kitchen, you should not skimp on expenses and renew the kitchen previously, so the wiring system will be in optimal conditions and there will be no leaks that may damage the equipment.

Therefore we recommend you to follow this link, here you can contact a trained professional who can advise you and materialize the project you want (no matter if it seems very technological, rest assured that Kitchen Design & Remodeling can handle it).


5. Special kitchens for meat and synthetic food

The protein alternatives have appeared and with it new appliances and equipment become necessary, an example of this are the air fryers (just to give an example), but although these new equipment are quite striking and beautiful, they take up vital space.

And if we are sure of something is that every centimeter of our kitchen is very valuable, and before displaying our equipment it is much better to keep it in cabinets, so we keep a more sober and minimalist look in our kitchen.

Which of these trends is your favorite, and will you carry out any of the proposed projects? We invite you to visit Kitchen Design & Remodeling to know each and every one of the details.




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