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Some kitchens that will make you want to redo yours

Some kitchens that will make you want to redo yours

Not by far the kitchen is probably the most used room in the house, from making dishes to pamper your family and friends, to doing school activities with the kids so it should be a space you love to spend time in.

In addition to how the appliances work, you should like the design of the kitchen over the years. If you’re on the road to remodeling your kitchen, we at Kitchen design & remodeling want to help inspire you and bring you some designs.

1. Start with an accent piece.

You can start with distressed tiles and blue toned tableware by mixing this in an open space to give it that mid-century look and add a touch of red to create an eye-catching but simple color mosaic.

2.Recreate the use of tiles

Place brown curtains to create a sweet feel with a touch of privacy without darkening the space, combined with contrasting wallpaper or fabric emulating curtains over glass doors for hidden storage and a blue and cream checkered pattern.

3. Balanced like Yin Yan – Kitchen redo

The contrast and balance provided by understated colors combined with stainless steel appliances undeniably give a glamorous aesthetic, while wood and bronze tones give shape and classic California warmth.

4. Tile your hood

Covering your range hood with the same tiles you use on your backsplash will give your kitchen a sleek and clean look.

5. Dramatic black mosaic tiles with bounce light.

This design by Nanette Brown, covered with glossy black tiles not only make all your kitchen surfaces easy to clean, but it helps the light bounce and creates a cozy atmosphere to make the most of a small space.

6. Light up your kitchen with yellow.

Designer Nickey Kehoe was inspired by a cream and pale yellow scheme that enhances the warmth of the wood and terra cotta tiles. Diamond cutouts in the cabinetry add another punch of soothing symmetry.

7. Place extra chairs in lightly traveled corners.

If the space is small, play with fun wallpaper. Something with a little sparkle will make the room shine. even if you haven’t done the dishes in, uh, a while.

Sheila Bridges also opted for a complementary fabric on these decorative chairs to enhance the blue tones and placed them in a little-traveled corner for added comfort.

8. Take inspiration from professional kitchens.

Elegantly cozy is this kitchen designed by Studio DIAA, combining country elements like wooden stools and light wood ceilings with industrial materials and the skylight along with the task pendant allows for optimal lighting.

9. More storage, a hidden pantry. The perfect option!

We don’t always have enough space in the kitchen to house all the products and appliances, so Brigitte Pearce implemented an easy access closet with textured glass sliding doors and bright red cabinets hidden from view in the living area.

10. Hide ugly views with stained glass

Reath Design used glass to give the kitchen more privacy at street level by replacing the glass panels with colorful painted panels. This is a great option if you want color and obstruct the outside view without blocking all the natural light.

In kitchen design & remodeling we have the best options for you to make a difference with a kitchen remodeling with the latest trends and something more, see the options here.

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