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Six topics for rethinking today

Six topics for rethinking today

Six topics for rethinking today’s cuisine

Rethinking the kitchen (its design) is something that few of us consider, sometimes we only change the color or renovate the kitchen to maintain the original design, and this is not bad; however, we must take into account that every year new elements are integrated into our kitchen and sometimes we replace the appliances with more advanced ones and in traditional kitchens this usually clashes a little.

But, from today’s perspective, what are the most important topics and elements when rethinking the kitchen? Well, let’s get to know a little about them in the following paragraphs, we invite you to join us until the end.


Rethinking cooking through culture

The kitchen is culture, at the time of eating, when preparing dishes and even for the rituals of the table, this place should be the most iconic of homes, because there are elements that can only be achieved in some types of cuisine in each country; and that is why it is not the same American food, Italian, French or Mediterranean; each of them has its own identity and shape the place they inhabit.

“Kitchens have their own identity, they shape homes, they are the places that last the longest and are the biggest attraction, besides the fact that a great part of our time is spent in this place”.

How do we feel when we eat in the kitchen?

The kitchen is the place where we prepare our food, however, it is not always the place where we eat it, in some cases we take it to another place such as a dining room or to our work; although the main reason why people do not eat food in the kitchen is because of the space.

Although you can have an island or a bar, if the space does not feel comfortable or the areas are oversaturated, it will feel uncomfortable to stay in this place; however the most obvious solution is to expand our kitchen, and this can be achieved in 2 ways, moving a wall or implementing cabinets and galleries to better accommodate all the elements.


The chicken and egg dilemma

In kitchen remodeling there are certain doubts that arise about what we should do first and those things we can leave for later, some people tend to give priority to painting, because it is the simplest solution to give a makeover, although this only superficially covers what we should really do.

And if you are wondering which elements are the ones you should prioritize, I recommend you to let us take a look at your home, contact us by clicking here and we will tell you in detail what you should do.


Rethink the kitchen – Real Food

For some people the kitchen is just another room in the house or apartment, few times they use it and it is to visit the fridge or prepare something quick in the microwave; but they ignore something very important and that is that the kitchen is not just a sanctuary where we carry out our best works, this is a fundamental part of the home and the care of the kitchen greatly influences the value of the home.

Healthy gastronomy and relaxing places

The kitchen is more than just a place to spend time, in fact when we have visits from people close to us, all the protocol is broken, when they are formal visits they would be in the lobby, but when they are close we simply carry out the meetings in the kitchen during the whole time.

Once we know and see that the kitchen is able to achieve all this, that will be the moment when we will begin to see them as our favorite places.


The kitchen: Another place to socialize

We have already explained that kitchens are places that can be very useful when it comes to socializing and holding meetings, no matter if we are busy chefs or just having a glass of wine, in either of the 2 occasions the meeting will flow in a pleasant and natural way, this because kitchens are known environments and created to be comfortable.

Do you think these topics are enough to rethink the kitchen and its structure? If not, we invite you to see our blog, there we will show you some more ideas and designs of kitchens. Click here.

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