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Siding for kitchen remodeling

Siding for kitchen remodeling

The use of siding in kitchen renovation projects is not something new, but you know what is new? Well, the materials and designs, specially adapted for kitchen remodeling, and these designs have broken the paradigm and finished with those old designs of drawings of fruits or vegetables. And without the need to incorporate other elements allow achieving special and original designs in kitchens.

This great variety that has now arisen, even allows us to choose motifs to be molded to the style of the kitchen we are looking for, which may well be: minimalist, rustic, colonial, modern and any other style. And all these designs are possible because the materials to cover the walls are varied (paint, paper, wood, natural stone, glass panels).

But, before deciding which material will cover the walls of our kitchen remodeling project, we must consider what we have and what we want.

Tips for kitchen coverings

For example, when we have kitchens with small spaces, the kitchen remodeling project should be with light materials and colors at all times, this will not increase the actual size of the kitchen, but will give the impression that if our space is enlarged.

Although, this is not a universal rule for every kitchen remodeling project, because there are also factors such as the environment, which will largely define the way in which the kitchen should be renovated to not create discordance in the overall design.

Likewise, the climatic conditions and temperatures must be considered, since sometimes the materials must be resistant to humidity, high temperatures and even chemicals such as acids that are present in cleaning products.

Of course, if you still have doubts about what is the best material to cover your kitchen? Well, here we will detail when to use each one of them.

Types of tile for kitchens


The most traditional design in kitchen renovations is the well-known tile, which is characterized by tiled walls from floor to ceiling, covering as much area as possible. However, in order to avoid an old design, Kitchen Design & Remodeling has chosen to make some modifications such as covering only strategic places of the walls in a combination of colors such as white to avoid overloaded environments. There are even more interesting variations, and you can see them on our website, just click here.

Coating with paint in the kitchen

Using paint as a coating for the kitchen is an economical but not very viable option, since it tends to stain easily and cleaning can end up making the paint lose its original tone.

There are many types of paint that can be used in kitchens, being the most recommended the plastic and acrylic, however there are more durable and economical options in the long term as we will show below.

Kitchen cladding with natural stone

Thanks to the peculiarity of this material, the visual effects that can be achieved with natural stone are very attractive, especially if it is used for walls or concrete spaces. This would be the most durable and resistant option when it comes to coatings used in kitchen remodeling.

Glass panels for kitchen remodeling

On the other hand, we have the glass panels, which are considered the star material to cover various surfaces in the kitchen, especially the front walls and areas near the kitchen that are the most exposed and prone to moisture and exposure to liquids.

For its aesthetic qualities, ability to protect and ease of cleaning glass is the most demanded option for coating in kitchen remodeling.

Wood kitchen backsplash

Designed to create a rustic atmosphere, wood paneling appears in kitchen remodeling. This material is becoming more and more common and can be used in combination with other materials to achieve balanced environments between rustic and modern.