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Popular Kitchen Layouts In Pembroke Pines

Popular Kitchen Layouts In Pembroke Pines

See the best tips to get the kitchen design you need

Making our kitchens have the design and organization we want is very important; especially to ensure that it is functional and practical. Regardless of whether they are small, narrow or large kitchens, the imperative is that the design is built intelligently, this will allow you to make a difference and take advantage of the space you have. That is why the popular kitchen design must meet certain parameters that we will show you below.


Popular and smart kitchen designs

We must take into account what we want in our kitchen, especially if this contemplates furniture and cabinets in their environment; thus ergonomics should be considered in all its aspects, this plays a very important role and is played at every moment, because the kitchens are visited recurrently by all family members and their guests; which from the first moment they enter scrutinize the spaces, the arrangement of appliances and functionality of the kitchen design.


All of these elements will make the difference between an over-furnished kitchen and an enjoyable room that achieves its purpose. And while the floor plan of your home determines the space and design of your kitchen, you can always optimize the spaces so that the kitchen can function better. Which is poorly achieved by generic kitchen designs, but with renovations can be easily accomplished. Click here to view and quote more kitchen designs.


Ergonomic and popular kitchen designs

Ergonomics is the consideration of the body and human activity, where the environment must adapt to people and not the other way around. Therefore the description and design of the kitchen should be made so that people feel comfortable. So the following elements should be considered:

  1. Doors: They should be of sufficient size (height and width) so that each person can enter comfortably and so that the elements (appliances) can be moved from one place to another without any problem.
  2. Aisles: Aisles in kitchen designs should be wide enough for people to move freely, these need to allow them to move smoothly between counters, table and kitchen.
  3. Sink: Normally there is only one sink, and the most convenient is that it is located near the stove and refrigerator; it should also allow a free space for resting accessories.
  4. Kitchen: This should have free spaces on both sides, these areas are known as rest areas and should be free, thus avoiding splashes in the accessories.
  5. Electricity: The installation of electrical outlets is very convenient, and care must be taken at the time of installation, since in addition to installing resistant wiring, it must have the corresponding voltage for the operation of the equipment.
  6. Pipes: Both the pipes to provide white water and those used for drainage must have certain characteristics to avoid problems or clogging. This will make a big difference and will avoid the accumulation of bad odors.


These are just some of the guidelines for functional kitchen design and proper ergonomics. However, all of these considerations vary depending on the desired kitchen design and the space available. Click here and learn more about ergonomic kitchen designs.


Popular kitchen layouts and designs

One-wall kitchen

For small kitchens, this is the simplest and most functional design; with this you can save a lot of space and get the convenience to attach a few important items.


Galley kitchens

These kitchens have cabinets arranged for the display and storage of materials of constant use. For these kitchens it is best to use custom cabinets, since this way every inch of space is used without wasting it.


L-shaped kitchens

These kitchens, in addition to the cabinets, also have a bar that can be used as a table and are quick to build and easy to clean.


Island kitchens

These are as popular for kitchens with open spaces and can incorporate various elements to make the space more functional. Although these islands take up a lot of space, they create a natural flow of traffic in the area.

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