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Popular kitchen designs in Miami

Popular kitchen designs in Miami

Miami is known for its weather, beaches and lifestyle, but it is also known for its flourishing art style, which is reflected in each and every thing we appreciate, that includes homes, both externally and internally; that’s why remodeling and renovation jobs are so in demand, especially when it comes to kitchens, because for those living in Pembroke Pines, West Palm Beach and its adjacencies getting the best kitchen designs is more than a whim, it’s a necessity!

But why should you consider a new kitchen design? Perhaps you are already in the midst of renovating or are thinking of venturing into remodeling, yet you are still undecided on what you should do, because keep in mind that many homeowners are now making significant changes.

Many have opted to include innovative designs, while some have been inclined to maintain classic styles, but that allow them to include all the new technology, and if you want to know the options available to you, we invite you to see a little more about it below.

What are the new trends in kitchen design?

The separations of structures using walls are a thing of the past, every day more and more homeowners have realized this and now kitchens are being remodeled without using walls, this by choice and not by budget.

It is simply something that is being done because it is novel and offers more space or at least gives the feeling that the kitchen is much bigger; this trend has been on the rise as opening up kitchens to the outside space becomes more and more popular.

As an extra, for these popular kitchen designs, the implementation of islands is evident, because taking advantage of the space that is being opened allows the vacuum that is being created to be used, in addition to creating a new environment where meetings can be held more comfortably and move from one space to another easily.

Most Popular Kitchen Designs What are the most recent changes?

Generally kitchen plans are fairly generic (which is why remodeling is necessary to give them a personal and unique touch), most of the time these feature a single wall, a galley and probably an L-shaped bar.

Although these designs can obviously change for their functionality, however for each of them can be achieved wonders with the right work and skilled labor.


  • Single wall kitchens: This design is amazing and saves a lot of space, they are usually the go-to design for small kitchens, so they can be quite basic and classic.
  • Gallery kitchens: For small environments this kitchen model can also be implemented, even in those kitchens with only one wall, so it adapts and works very well in small loft kitchens and apartments.
  • L-shaped kitchens: In this case the structure consists of two contiguous and perpendicular walls, being this the ideal design for spaces of any size and is the most popular design for being adaptable and functional.
  • U-shaped kitchen design: By far the favorite of all homeowners is this design, which provides enough space to work comfortably, which also creates a kind of work triangle that allows it to be more efficient.

While these are the most popular kitchen designs, each of them can change depending on functionality and remodeling can be accomplished with Kitchen Design & Remodeling. Click here and get your own custom design.

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