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Looking for an architect to remodel your kitchen

Looking for an architect to remodel your kitchen

To know if you are going to require the services of an architect, the first thing you should know is the scope of the work you want to do. If it is a minor change, such as changing a window, placing a hood or demolish or raise a wall in general does not require the presence of an architect or designer for its part is sufficient with the mere presence of the contractor and the owner of the house to handle this type of small projections, on the other hand more elaborate projects, necessarily require a professional.

What is an architect for?

In addition to knowing about numbers and measurements, architects have extensive knowledge in design theory and project management. The functions of an architect range from drawing up the plan to the exhaustive supervision of the entire project, including the selection of the bid, the contractor, materials to be used, among others. While contractors’ bids are similar, they differ in the finishes and aesthetics they offer in their work.

In most cases, the architect is hired first before the decision is made to call a contractor. Client and architect team up to see the needs and create an effective plan of action to get the best results.

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What is the cost of hiring an architect?

The average cost of an architect’s professional fees ranges between 5% and 20% of the total value of the project to be executed per hour of work, some offer fixed fee instead of working per hour, sometimes the rates are negotiable depending on the case.

Hiring an architect is not cheap, but it reduces the work from the list of activities to be performed, if you hire an architect as a project supervisor, you will only be limited to draft payments. Although it can be seen as a luxury, it is also true that it is not indispensable, only in case you have the time and disposition to manage and supervise the project first hand, the presence of an architect will only be necessary to draw up the project plan. There is also the option of hiring a general contractor to supervise the progress, as their fees are generally lower.

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The PROs of hiring an architect

There are many and marked advantages why hiring an architect is the best option, in this section we point them out to you:

  • Ability to solve complex problems giving innovative solutions.
  • They are insightful which is a great benefit for complicated projects.
  • Are able to know if the project specifications are safe.
  • Eco-friendly, they are up to date with environmental practices.
  • They handle complicated paperwork and building codes that ultimately make your project more expensive.

Architect or Designer

We know that architects have a great background and are able to handle situations with great skill and are very skilled in engineering, but they generally lack the aesthetics required to create a beautiful and functional space, that’s when the skills of a designer are required.

Among the advantages of hiring a designer is economy. A designer’s fees are less expensive than an architect’s but they usually do not offer project management.

Designers create sketches according to your desires, space and budget, it is not unreasonable for a designer to make the model and hire an architect only to review it and make sure that the conditions are given. If your budget is ample and you can afford to hire both professionals, they will form an unbeatable team to realize your project.

Economy, the most sought after.

If you are looking to save money on hiring a professional, you may prefer the services of an architect new to the industry whose rates are usually lower due to his or her short experience.

Limit your use of an architect to plans and the general design phase. Hire on a contingency basis to perform specific on-site inspections. Buy high quality kitchen cabinets and granite countertops wholesale from Kitchen design & remodeling and save thousands on your project, with the savings you can hire experts such as architects and designers.

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