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How to choose the best faucet and sink for a kitchen?

Now kitchen sinks are not manufactured only from stainless steel (although this is still the most popular option), so we must know the other options, because maintaining harmony in kitchen design is very important, especially if we want to maintain harmony between each and every one of the details that are implemented in a kitchen upgrade or renovation.


What is the favorite sink of the professionals?

Since their creation, stainless steel kitchen sinks are everyone’s favorite, despite seeming like an old resource for some, others prefer it over any other; since its durability and functionality is excellent. In addition, manufacturing techniques have changed a lot and now you can even get stainless steel sinks in gold color.

There is also the fact that these sinks, besides having an easy assembly, have many forms, since there are many variations such as: Depth, Thickness of steel, Style, Caliber, Coating among other factors. And for all this variety of sinks, there are also several faucet options, since the standard and immovable faucet is a thing of the past, and now there are more practical and aesthetic solutions.

The bigger the better?

When it comes to sinks, of course it is. This is because when you have a large, deep sink, cleaning large pots and pans is much easier, especially for commercial kitchens or kitchens where food is prepared frequently.


Kitchen Sink Styles

The most common style of sink is the rectangular sink, which has a tub and some sort of top; however, there are many more styles of sinks such as: double bowl, square and many more if we count white ceramic sinks, resin, quartz, marble and even synthetic sinks.

Although at the end of the day, it is a personal decision on what type of sink to use, especially if you want to make an update or renovation of the kitchen. In these cases, it is good to leave it up to your personal style and if you allow the designer, he or she will give you interesting suggestions.

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Sink Installation by Type

While some choose sinks according to their durability or shape, some others prefer to decide on the model depending on the type of installation, and depending on the type of countertop there are several ways in which the sink installation can be carried out:

  1. Built-in: This sink is installed in the cut-out of the countertop. This type of sink can be used in any type of countertop and is recommended for laminate and wood countertops.
  2. Under the countertop: In the case of granite, stone or synthetic countertops, this type of installation is recommended to achieve a kind of continuity. A bonus of this installation is that it is very easy to clean.
  3. Flush: In this case the sink is installed flush, as if the sink and countertop were part of a whole.
  4. Superimposed: For kitchens where you want to highlight the sink, this is the ideal option, as this will be installed directly on the countertop; for ceramic or stone models is very feasible because it shows off these in all its splendor. (Despite what it seems, this assembly gives a very decorative finish).


Kitchen Remodeling – Three Things You Should Do

As experts in kitchen remodeling and updating, there are certain things you must do without fail:

  • The first thing is to be clear about your available budget, since knowing how much you have available makes it easier to set a scope for the project.
  • Second, you must measure every last inch. Once you are fully aware of the available space, this will allow you to build a design that takes full advantage of the space (or even expand).
  • Third, consult an expert as soon as possible. It is not advisable to embark on the adventure of remodeling the kitchen without the advice of professionals in the area.

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