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Kitchen restaurant for delivery

Kitchen restaurant for delivery

Kitchen for delivery-only restaurant – Advantages & How to Start One

A few years ago it might have seemed unthinkable to see an Indian, vegan Thai or fried chicken restaurant on the same street in a residential area and all located so close to each other. So what has changed?

Well, what has changed is the mode of commerce and the mode of consumption by all the customers, many of these restaurants do not have a cabinet or a gallery; in fact, if you were to walk past the front of these places you would not even get to see a main entrance for the public.

This is all due to the fact that these new restaurant kitchen concepts that have been booming and rising since the pandemic and massive emergence of home delivery services.


Delivery-Only Restaurant Kitchen What are they?

Just as the name suggests, delivery-only restaurant kitchens are just that, they are a service made to deliver food to your home, which may seem very simple and straightforward, however for anyone who wants to venture into this business, you better be prepared.

And by this we mean that you will specifically need an adapted space: The kitchens are not big enough nor are they able to function all day long.

*The kitchen needs to be remodeled and brought up to commercial kitchen standards for this business to function, so contact a kitchen renovation service (And for a quote or full service contract click here).

How do delivery-only restaurants work?

This type of business is focused purely on the kitchen. If you have a good kitchen, then you are ready to start in this culinary world, if not, don’t worry, Kitchen Design & Remodeling is the solution.

And for this business nothing more than a good kitchen is required; since the dining rooms, chairs or tables only serve in those places where people are served, while in this case the whole approach and the success of the business depends on a kitchen that can supply all the orders.


How to get a spacious kitchen?

When talking about large kitchens, we must distinguish between large kitchens for the home and commercial kitchens, since it is not the same to have a large kitchen that can accommodate the whole family, to have a fully specialized kitchen for food preparation.

This is because commercial kitchens must have larger pantries, larger and higher quality appliances, cabinets large enough to store pots, spoons and other silverware; large kitchen tops where the person can place all the ingredients and start preparing them; on the other hand is the endless number of tasks that are carried out prior to the preparation of a dish.


What should a commercial restaurant kitchen include?

All kitchens (or at least the vast majority) consist of the same needs; such as storage spaces, work spaces, space for appliances and shelves; where the major constant in all of them is the need for adequate and resistant spaces. Although of course there are some essentials that you must take into account such as:

  • Commercial refrigerators
  • Commercial grills and griddles
  • Kitchen utensils
  • Ovens and fryers
  • Shelving

And most important of all is to have the necessary electrical and water installations to provide everything needed for the kitchen to function. For this reason, the necessary remodeling must be done and the kitchen must be adapted to the required standard.

How to design a restaurant kitchen?

The design and renovation of a kitchen has in principle 2 purposes: To improve the workflow, to provide the necessary safety for those in the kitchen. For this purpose, professional kitchen equipment designs are created with a deep knowledge of the processes involved, both for people and materials.

And this is super important, since home kitchens are usually efficient for 2 or 3 people to collaborate in the preparation of the dish, while for professional kitchens the space is adapted for more than 5 people; therefore the planning and design of the kitchen should be created by professionals who are familiar with these processes.

In this way, you can achieve patterns, generate actions and have as a final product an ideal kitchen for food preparation. So contact a professional, with just one click they can start developing your idea and quote a budget for the project you have planned. Kitchen Design & Remodeling.


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