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kitchen remodels – yes or no

kitchen remodels – yes or no

What should and shouldn’t you do when remodeling the kitchen?

Home remodeling, either interior or exterior are always a great satisfaction; it is simply lovely to see how the spaces are developed or how they adapt to new trends, which is quite simple if you have the necessary help and advice we offer in Kitchen Design & Remodeling; but first of all we want to give you a few tips on what you should do when remodeling the kitchen. So let’s get to it!


Motives and reasons to remodel the kitchen

First of all, let’s understand that kitchen remodeling involves changes that are not often done in the home, as people usually change the wallpaper or paint the walls; however, sometimes there is no other option but to update the kitchen.

And although the kitchen can be updated and remodeled by sections, it is best to make all the changes at once in a complete renovation, as this way you can take care of sections such as electrical installation and plumbing, which are forgotten tasks, but should not be neglected or they will be a big problem.

On the other hand, the fact that kitchen renovations in financial terms, are not an expense but an investment for the added value they bring (this is a great reason to carry out a renovation), it also provides a new air to the home and the work well done will last over time.

*Changing elements such as tiles, countertops, shelves, cupboards and cabinets gives an incredible change to the kitchen, let’s start renovating!

Things to avoid when remodeling the kitchen

Just as we must know the things that should be done, we must also take into account the most common mistakes that some people make, so you can avoid them or take advantage of them if possible.


Do not forget the work area

Between the kitchen, the refrigerator and the counter is usually left space which is known as the triangle of work, this should have enough space to work and move easily, and should consider that they can pass at least 2 people, since cooking with help is very common especially for lovers of cooking who take every occasion to prepare a special dish.

This is a vital point that you must take into account when updating the kitchen, you should not forget it under any circumstances.


Reserving places for storage

In the kitchen, besides preparing food, is where the ingredients and elements that are used in the preparation are stored, such as: pots, dishes, cutlery, food products and even cleaning products (in fact the kitchen most of the time serves as a storage place for cleaning products).

Therefore, when remodeling the kitchen, you should have as a goal the optimization of storage spaces, where you should think about making these storage spaces should be comfortable, easily accessible (for some members) and should be customized to achieve the maximum potential of the kitchen.

Islands, countertops and kitchen bar

Sometimes, due to design decisions (or better said, due to bad designs and lack of knowledge) it is decided to do without a kitchen counter, which can be a double-edged sword if we have no other place to lean on when cooking.

Optimal kitchen designs do not tend to eliminate elements randomly, these are actually replaced and optimized; a clear example of this is to convert a counter into an island; as this in addition to providing a useful workspace, also provides storage space for utensils and other things.

If you do not ask, for us the perfect kitchen remodeling design will always take into consideration the workspaces, being the countertops in particular the starting place of all food preparation work.

You must remember that an ideal kitchen design is not only beautiful because of its colors and details, but also because it is well illuminated, well ventilated, has space to share and is comfortable in every way. Quote your ideal kitchen design at Kitchen Design & Remodeling with a click here.

The advice you should not forget

Success hides no secrets, it only reflects a job well done, and when remodeling the kitchen, attention to detail makes the difference. For this reason, it is important that each piece you use is specially designed, and that its quality and durability are high so that every penny you invest is worth it.

Finally keep in mind that Kitchen Design & Remodeling has the experience and the disposition to carry out your project, include everything you need and achieve the maximum potential of your kitchen, click and you will see.



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