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How many types of cuisine are there

How many types of cuisine are there

Are you a fan of gastronomy? Many of us are and it is understandable to feel a vibrant passion for it, and just as every time we learn new recipes and expand our horizons, it is also necessary to expand our cuisine and for that we come to show you on this occasion about the types of cuisine that exist.

Although, this is not something that can be easily answered, we are going to list the main categories from which new styles derive, where some stand out much more than others.


Existing types of cuisine

Traditional cuisine

This term applies to the type of cuisine native to a region, that is, it is the typical cuisine you expect to get in a certain place; if for example we are in a rural place, it is common to see certain characteristic elements that are mostly an important part of the culture of the area.

These elements are the ones that allow this type of kitchen to specialize in the preparation of certain dishes, it also houses some elements made from a representative material. On this occasion it is very common to see finishes and elements made of wood and the structure is usually a little rougher than normal.


Nouvelle Cuisine

This style of kitchen was born in France in 1970, its popularity arose from the complexity and dimensions of the kitchen, where the structure is made for heavy work and heavy load, and although this style derived certain problems, its style and design has been refined over time.

Currently this type of kitchen has very Parisian elements, but still maintains a minimalist style. Its expansion has been carried throughout the world thanks to its revolutionary design, although nowadays it is also known as creative or postmodern cuisine, which aims to captivate all the senses.


Creative Cuisine

As its name suggests, this is a cuisine that seeks to innovate and create, here multiple elements that allow the application of various cooking methods, fusions d elements of different cultures and even reconstructions are more striking, so it is a kitchen that impresses, but should be carried carefully to achieve harmony of the elements.

For creative cuisines, serving different dishes and preparing them in parallel is not a problem, so even in restaurants these types of cuisine are combined, because thanks to all this, different experiences can be evoked.

Haute Cuisine

“La haute cousine” is also born in France, which is surprising, but also expected, because French cuisine is famous and known worldwide for the rich dishes that are prepared and the versatility of the elements that are prepared in these spaces.

This kitchen is carefully built because the ingredients and elements used are very sophisticated, of great quality and are not easy to get; therefore both the structure of the kitchen as well as the cabinets must be in perfect condition to protect all this.


Fusion Kitchen

This kitchen is a variation of the minimalist kitchens born in the USA in the 70’s, it tried to approach the oriental kitchen but without losing detail of the American style, and while the colors used in this kitchen tend to be subdued and minimalist, the elements are a little more varied.

In this structure easily house elements that allow to prepare from sushi to a Cajun made with vegetables and sausage, so it is an ideal style of cuisine for restaurants because its versatility will allow to prepare almost any type of food.

Avant-garde cuisine

Unlike the other styles of cuisine mentioned above, this type of avant-garde cuisine is a modernist style, specialized in the creation of new recipes, being this undoubtedly the cuisine that you must have at home if you are a chef or a passionate of gastronomy.

Another important element that should be highlighted is that for this cuisine also includes pastries and for this reason it is also known as signature cuisines.

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