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Choosing kitchen cabinets in Miami

Choosing kitchen cabinets in Miami

When you are choosing the new cabinet design for your kitchen it can be a little daunting to choose the right design, as there are so many different styles, colors and materials to choose from.

When you walk into your kitchen your cabinet doors are the first thing people notice, so they have to have a very positive impact!

Taking into account other things besides style and decoration, your kitchen cabinets can be very important in organizing a large part of your kitchen. You should analyze your cooking habits to choose the style of your cabinets to best serve you when it comes time for you or the family to prepare food.

There are many things to think about when choosing the style of your kitchen cabinets, for that reason we will help you with some tips for your kitchen:

1. Think about the finish you want for your kitchen cabinets.

A very important element to give aesthetics to your kitchen is the finish of the cabinets as that will give a very important touch to make your kitchen stand out.

In modern and sleek designs a glossy door is a key element, while the type of wood and boards relate to traditional designs.

With the wrong type of finish of a gloss lacquer your kitchen could look very tacky, while a matte paint finish could look understated. The finish is a very important element in making a big difference to the cabinetry in your kitchen space.

2. What styles of cabinet doors do you like?

There are many styles of doors to choose from and the style of them is essential the way the cabinet door closes by itself. Raised Arch cabinet doors is a traditional design, they evoke the feel of an antique kitchen, there are also modern designs such as Slab doors, they are very basic and simple models that draw attention to another part of the room.

Many people also opt for glass doors on cabinets when choosing a new model, which makes seeing your cups and plates easier to see.

3. Choose practical and elegant accessories.

You may not think a door handle can make a difference, but these accessories and small pieces can make all the difference and add a unique feel to your cabinets. The design, color and materials of cabinet handles and knobs can make a major change in your kitchen.

If you are looking for an aesthetic that combines classic and modern patterns, your kitchen door handles and hardware, are very important in achieving this. One of the most popular designs today is the touch-open drawers, which are a great help if you cook and bake a lot of complex things where you have to search for utensils very often. These drawers can also be very helpful when you have dirty hands, as you can open them by touching them with your arm or foot, thus reducing the number of times you need to wash your hands.

4. Decide whether to have them customized or prefabricated.

If you have a good amount of budget to spend, custom cabinets are a good choice to make. A professional kitchen designer will take note of your space and create a floor plan and figure out the best ways to take advantage of storage.

After all, it will depend on you, your budget and your needs. If you don’t feel confident with that, you can opt for a semi-custom cabinet design, as the prices are somewhere in the middle. Semi-custom designs can be customized to suit your kitchen.

Now in current trends throughout the home, we are seeing a greater demand for kitchens with color and personality, which is another reason why the shaker style is popular.

Door frames can be painted one color and the interiors of a cabinet another or as you wish.

Did you find what you were looking for? Are you having trouble choosing cabinets or deciding on a new design for your kitchen? Contact Kitchen Design & Remodeling to clear all your doubts.

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