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7 things that can make or break your kitchen remodeling

7 things that can make or break your kitchen remodeling

There are endless kitchen remodeling ideas out there but do you know if they are really worth executing.You must set priorities during remodeling in the words of the experts.

Any real estate agent in the United States can tell you that during this year, the real estate market has been totally unstable.Homes are selling like hotcakes as people spend more time in them, for this reason you would have to ask yourself Is it worth a renovation?

Practical Flooring

When looking to buy a home, the first thing you look at is the kitchen since that is where we spend most of our time in addition to the bedrooms. Tile is the best for both durability and budget. You won’t have to replace tile unless you start to hate it. As well as porcelain for being economical and durable.

Lighter countertops

Weathered countertops are preferred by those who prefer texture over shine.

Worn countertops are loved by tactile people who are happy to trade traditional sheen for texture and dimension. And swirled stones can also add movement, while mottled ones can create depth. However, for all of the above, the lighter the look. “Darker stones tend to look more dated,” Graff says. “All-white kitchens are more in demand; most people love them because they are bright and provide a sense of spaciousness.”

Upper Cabinets

Cabinets are one of the most expensive pieces of furniture in the kitchen and part of its functionality and beauty. The smallest details in our opinion can make the difference, such as handles and trim finishes or simply painting them, those little details can make the difference.

Stainless steel appliances

Stainless steel has been a trend since Thermador introduced it in the 1950’s. Its beauty and accessibility has made stainless steel one of the most sought after choices in pop culture.

Additional Storage

Cabinets for additional storage are key in a kitchen, so corner cabinets are a good choice and always in demand, A seemingly small detail that can make a big difference and add incremental value to your home are hinges and soft-close drawers.


Another good option is pantries, the more storage space the better. In kitchen remodeling, built-in cabinets with pull-out drawers are great for easy access, also hidden trash garbage cans are a perfect option to keep the kitchen clean.

Neutral Colors for the Kitchen

Painting gives a new look to any space and plays a crucial role in kitchen remodeling as it can do wonders to any space.

Neutral colors have always been trending and are sure to take care of the aesthetics of these spaces. There is one golden rule that you can never miss, don’t overload the decor, if the cabinets are flashy you can’t put a flashy paint, let only one thing be the star of the place. Allow the different elements to complement each other, that generates harmony and balance.

Lighting? (Plus)

Soft white light bulbs will give a warm, golden tone to everything, while daylight bulbs with their blue tones will be very bright and white. Depending on the mood of your kitchen, you can choose shades such as pendant lights that are tall enough so that they don’t ruin the sight line.

Lighting under cabinets can create a distant, sensual, modern or cozy impression depending on how warm the color is.

Did you find what you were looking for? If you want to get more information or materialize your remodeling ideas, then Contact Kitchen Design & Remodeling to clear all kinds of doubts.

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