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5 kitchen types

5 kitchen types

Types of kitchen

5 types of cuisine that stand out around the world: Let’s get to know a little bit about gastronomy and the main qualities that stand out in the types of cuisine around the world!

According to the experts (and to us) the great cuisines and types of gastronomy around the world go hand in hand with the culture of each country. And since we are in one of the most culturally diverse countries, this has influenced us directly, not only in gastronomy but also in infrastructure.

But what are these types of cuisine that we talk so much about? Well, according to National Geographic research, the greatest gastronomic exponents today are 5:

  1. French cuisine
  2. Chinese cuisine
  3. Japanese cuisine
  4. Indian cuisine
  5. Mexican cuisine

However, what distinguishes one from the other? Perhaps the only thing that changes is the seasoning of each country, or for each of them and the way of cooking requires a specific type of cuisine, well, the answer will surprise you, read a little more to find out.


French style kitchens

French style kitchens are different from the others for several reasons, where gastronomy is the most outstanding, this is because the way they prepare their dishes is quite refined and a series of quite delicate elements are needed.

For this type of kitchens, the space available for storage of equipment and appliances is vital, and although some decorative elements will be left in sight, the vast majority must be safeguarded. (One of the elements that can not miss in the French style kitchen are the wooden boards and knives for events where Fondue is served).

Oriental Cuisines – China

Chinese cuisine is very, but very diverse, there is an infinity of combinations in its gastronomy and whether it is a restaurant or a house there is something that should not be missing and it is a good griddle, this because many dishes are prepared in this way, in addition to all those in which you have to fry.

For this type of cooking, the most important thing is ventilation. Although in a kitchen it is already important to have good ventilation, in this type of gastronomy is imperative, so if you want a renovation in your kitchen or restaurant that requires improving this feature, we recommend that you contact a professional now by clicking here.


Japanese Kitchens

Sushi lovers! It’s time to get to know what Japanese cuisines are like. This is undoubtedly the flagship of Japanese food, and although it is clear that there are other types of dishes served by this famous cuisine. But, what differentiates the infrastructure of these kitchens?

Japanese kitchens have a unique aesthetic, which can be simulated perfectly with some decorative elements, although undoubtedly the most distinctive touch that we can give is to install an island in the kitchen, this can be achieved easily and quickly with our help, click here and you will see.

The Indian kitchen

The gastronomy of this fantastic country is distinguished by the use of spices, however there are other distinctive features such as the use of vegetables in their dishes, so a kitchen in which you want to prepare Indian style dishes, requires a large bar to arrange and display the large assortment of vegetables.


Mexican cuisine

For places where you want to prepare Mexican dishes, we do not require many utensils, but a large space, since the dishes are very varied. This cuisine is one of the most popular in America, especially in the southern area where the population is varied and open to alternatives.

But, if you think you don’t have enough space, contact us, in Kitchen Design & Remodeling we can build, renovate or redesign the available space, and in less than you think you can have an international kitchen with our help. Just click here.

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