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5 cabinet ideas for your kitchen

5 cabinet ideas for your kitchen

Let’s take a look at some of our favorite cabinet designs that can enhance your kitchen, finding your ideal design will help create the mood you want for your comfort whether it’s from the cabinet color to the handle style.

Whether you are looking for a modern, classic or vintage design. These kitchen cabinet ideas will give you the inspiration to create your ideal kitchen, think about how this could integrate along with your living room or dining room. This article will help you design the kitchen you so desire.

1. Make the most of every free space in your kitchen.

When your kitchen is small every inch of space counts, most of the time the base unit cabinets usually take up a lot of space, you can add others with less depth to take advantage of the free space.

 One of the ways to take advantage of empty spaces in your kitchen is probably to place the cabinets high or just below. Small spaces with 3 feet or more of space can be used to store items that you use in your daily life such as pitchers, glasses and cups, or those that you use less frequently, this will help you keep order in your kitchen.

2. Add color to your kitchen

After arranging your kitchen space, one of the most important things are the colors of the cabinets which will give life to your space. Now it is in trend to go for bolder and bolder colors which will create a space with more personality.

 If you want to avoid having a strong color being the dominant color, you should use it in small portions to highlight a key point, also keep in mind that a large kitchen can have more possibilities with bolder colors. If this is a small kitchen consider keeping a softer color and if you want a strong tone you can do it carefully so it doesn’t dominate the whole scheme.

 If your biggest concern is that the strong colors in your cabinetry may dominate the whole space, you can opt for more neutral tones and then you could add color to the walls or accessories, these will make your kitchen more lively.

3. Opt for a modern design

The main characteristic of modern kitchen designs are minimalist, flat-front cabinets which have a sleek look, in fact much of what we now consider modern designs are part of the 1930s.

Handleless cabinets, the most typical of modern design today, have been around since 1960, when SieMatic launched the first finger-operated kitchen cabinet. The current trend of modern creates cleaner lines and a simpler finish, which bring character to your kitchen.

4. Your personal touch

It is very important to give a personal touch to your kitchen as this will create harmony in your home and we believe that cabinets are the best way to do this.

Now in current trends throughout the home, we are seeing a greater demand for kitchens with color and personality, which is another reason why the shaker style is popular.

Door frames can be painted one color and the interiors of a cabinet another or as you wish.

5. Provides easy access with open shelving

When we talk about kitchen storage we can refer to many forms besides traditional wall cabinets. Open shelving ideas are great if you own a dinnerware collection, or if you are a lover of cooking and like to keep ingredients close at hand.

Take into account the look you’re choosing with detailed, elegant or simple woodwork. And think carefully about what you’re displaying.

This will ensure that each shelf is made to allow enough depth to support the weight without breaking.

Did you find any attractive idea? if you have something in mind that you want to achieve contact kitchen remodeling & design and you can make it happen, click here to contact them.

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