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3 amazing design trends to 2022

3 amazing design trends to 2022

My home is my refuge! This is a phrase that we always like to say and repeat to ourselves, and it is a reality because this is the place where we spend most of our time and where we go to relax after a long and tedious day. Now imagine that every corner of your home expresses who you really are, it would be great! Especially if it’s the kitchen, since that’s where we hold many gatherings.

However, the tastes and personal preferences of each one of us are quite particular and certainly we can know what we want, but getting someone who reaches our expectations is something different, being that the reason why in Kitchen Design & Remodeling we specialize in kitchen remodeling to achieve at least give you the kitchen you want.

For all that we must know about interior design trends and now let’s see what are the most promising ones for this 2022. We hope you enjoy them!

Japanese design in trend for kitchens

Japanese culture has always been striking for its order and style, although it is nothing else but the combination of colors that has made this trend spread like wildfire, and now it is one of the most sought after and quoted styles, where we see among its most striking points the following:

✓ Minimalism and functionality
✓ Warm spaces with neutral and comforting colors.
✓ Integration of natural materials and use of thematic craftsmanship

And since in Kitchen Design & Remodeling we love this style, we combine it with custom color palettes between cream, gray and white tones to give it the final touch you need to make it a style completely yours. Click here to see more designs.

Black Kitchen Interiors

In our photo gallery you will always come across these black designs, which gives that touch of mystery and power to our spaces, this design has an undeniable appeal and when used correctly gives a modern feel.

This style is relatively new and combined with black accessories (even though it looks very dark) it actually creates a certain harmony that you could only get with this particular color.

Natural and green designs

In recent years gardening has become a very common and even therapeutic activity, so many people and homeowners have sought ways to include this activity in their kitchen designs and interiors; and Kitchen Design & Remodeling has achieved designs which will allow the whole environment to flow naturally.

Even in those apartments and homes where the space is closed and do not have access to gardens, these designs can be implemented quietly making a minor remodeling, and we can achieve it just click here and you will have the following advantages:

✓Get a therapeutic activity at home
✓Achieve a natural space
✓ Create a fresh and healthy environment

Smart small kitchens (Extra tip)

Many homeowners have small and somewhat cramped spaces, but have not given up on functionality or technology, in fact many small kitchens can be well equipped and have all kinds of appliances if the space is well distributed and used.
The way this can be achieved is through:

✓ Custom galleries and cabinetry.
✓ Compact or L-shaped tables
✓ Custom stools

Getting contractors and companies dedicated to kitchen remodeling is no longer a problem because at Kitchen Design & Remodeling we have everything you need to get all-inclusive remodels. Click here and get yours.


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