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14 kitchen cabinet design ideas

14 kitchen cabinet design ideas

1. Metal Grid Cabinets for kitchen

In the cabinets with metal grids instead of traditional glass locks are in a middle ground between closed and open storage, when you place the glass everything covering the cabinet shelves should be fair as you can see through it, now you do place metal grids you don’t have to worry about storing your items in a nice way.

2. Build on the kitchen island

Get more space in your kitchen to make the most of it with additional custom cabinets and drawers, this will help maintain a more uncluttered area and lengthen your ceilings to make them look higher.

3. Dual Function kitchen Cabinetry

If you want to hide your dishwasher place a cabinet front so as not to break the harmony of the cabinets under the counter, you can use as an option to hide it some cabinets without hardware and paint them blush pink.

4. I dedicated a corner to the kitchen cabinets

You can dedicate a corner wall just to place super tall cabinets to free up the vertical space around it to warm up with light fixtures. You can also equip your kitchen with three lamps just above the counter to keep food warm until ready to serve.

5. Closed kitchen cabinets

If you’re worried about your dishes or heirlooms falling out of the cabinets, placing a lock on the doors will look polished and ensure their safekeeping.

6. Simple and elegant cabinets

If your kitchen is open space, airy and has natural light, one option is to apply neutral colors to the room right on the lower cabinets.

7. Cabinets with glass doors

Add glass doors to the kitchen cabinets this will give a more spacious and elegant look, if you are afraid to look cluttered interior, you can choose a patterned glass to disguise the interior.

8. Cream-colored cabinets

If you have a rustic kitchen and want a more modern design white cabinets and stainless steel appliances are the ideal choice these will create a cleaner and fresher space.

9. Matching cabinets

If you want a modern provincial kitchen, try matching the color of the cabinets along with the cabinets of your kitchen island, this trick will turn your space into what you want it to be.

10. Sliding cabinets

Consider installing sliding doors if your kitchen is small, this will save much more space as they do not open like a conventional door, these take up much less space in your kitchen and will ensure a sleeker and cleaner space.

11. Textured cabinets

Add character to your kitchen with textured cabinets, just like the grooved or penal cabinets, these cabinets add to the discreet style of this kitchen but with a more exclusive touch.

12. Stained pine cabinets

From coastal to rustic to industrial, pine wood cabinets work in all decors, the gray tones also complement the stainless steel appliances, giving the finish you’re looking for.

14. Glossy black cabinets

This style is ideal for a kitchen with lots of natural light, this created a much sleeker finish to make the ebony cabinets stand out even more.

Designs, models and colors of kitchen cabinets there are many, but professionals that can make them a work of art that looks like perfection there are very few, and if you are looking for someone that is up to your project we recommend Kitchen Design & Remodeling contact them asap with a click here.

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